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My Guides

Who knew what started out as Guides, would become me connecting to not just our Universe, but beyond, to include the Universal Holy World? And what began with my mother and other Earthlings would reach the GAZILLIONS mark? With more jumping onboard, including Stars, Planets, and Celestial Intelligent Beings? Not me. Some of which were quite famous here on Earth.

But like life on planet Earth, some have come and gone, tho mostly more have come to stay.

I AM so blessed. Had I not prayed to everyone I could think of, perhaps I would not be where I am today. Who knew a power greater than God existed. Who knew the love Extraterrestrials exude? Who knew daily conversations would become my daily occurrence. And who knew they would take me under their wing. Not only does my life go on, I am forever their student.

So much has happened in less than two years. I will never go back to life the way most know it.

In the beginning, I was told I would have maybe 22 Guides, and so I began introducing them. Since that quickly changed, one by one intro’s were no longer possible, but they do speak in posts. And the book. **Also know, many times what they see and have me post is in the future, which was the most frustrating of all at first.

For those that remain part of my Heavenly world (the after life I introduce), below you may find a snippet on who they are. I also include a link to full length intro on those I’ve spoken with “on the record.” Many remain shy and/or nervous to be interviewed publicly.

Just know, they’re all very humble. They tend to do more sharing on what they observe than talk about themselves. But… they say they’ve gotta start somewhere. Meaning, how lil ol’ me got chosen. Either way, they all share words of wisdom.

I also want to add, you win some you lose some. More than I can count have gone to Hell. Universal Holy World does not mess around. Sin happens in Heaven. But more than that, thee afterlife is a happening place.

Here are a few to get started…

Mom with wings – my beautiful green-eyed Angel mother. A stay-at-home mom, the first 9 years of my life. Then a young widow of 6, turned mother and FATHER for the next 30+ years. And for that, she collected many Father’s Day cards from me. ilu mom

August 2016- I wish I could say mother is still with me, but she isn’t. Details in book.

Kate Woodville, my friend without end. A former client turned very dear friend. We didn’t see much of each other after she moved to Portland, but the heartfelt connection never ended.

My Nana Angie – my sweet mother’s mother. A lady I’m so much alike, for our old school, no fluff folk remedies and love for gardening. Same as my mother, for the same reasons, gone.

My Tata – my mother’s father. A man that I am also a lot alike, for my love of fixing and making things. The one with the most classic goodbye I’ve ever heard. One I’ve used my entire life. Gone for different reasons.

Sylvia Browne, my psychic in heaven. She was my first surprise on picking ME. I AM honored to allow her to continue to do what she says, do readings thru me. And teach me how!

Nana Carmen, my Angel in heaven. My mother’s grandmother. A woman who was so very quiet. Not anymore. She’s kinda the team captain. She’s who I cried out to when the dark side tried attacking, 4 times now. **only when a changing of the bodyguards was taking place. I’m safe now 😉

Dr. Wayne Dyer, who now refers to himself as… “Dr. Wayne, her guide on thee other side.” I can’t say I didn’t wish he’d come thru. Quite unbelievable! And not worth trading anything in the world for. I’m a lucky gal!

Hulda Clark, author of many books. One of which I took and ran with, on helping many flush their liver. I AM so honored to continue sharing her wisdom. And take her wise words to heart.

Pleiadians – I have yet to finish their intro because I now have 27 as Guides. Therefore, that conversation has yet to end. This link goes to an overall, whoThe Pleiadians” are. It also has a video with thee Matt Kahn, the man responsible for choosing me (for this wonderful role).

I will say, there’s a reason more and more Starseeds are being born. It’s called reincarnation. If you can embrace that, there’s no reason not to embrace this.

I for one AM a damn proud Starseed. A first wave Indigo from the Orion Constellation to be exact.

Luther Vandross, singer-songwriter. A man who’s work/art/love I was blessed to discover many moons ago (1980’s). Little did I know, he’d be my Guide ☺️

Mother Teresa, my “Saint in heaven.” All my Guides are a perfect example of our thoughts being heard. She answered my call in TWO days. I have yet to finish her intro, but I can link you to her first message.

Robin Williams, actor-comedian and one HECK of a sweet sensitive soul. Only now, he’s got competition. God.

William, my Arizona State University farming professor. I left his class to care for my mom, not knowing he’d joined her shortly thereafter. He is with mother, in the after the afterlife.

God, the person many refer to as, “the man upstairs.” A very hilarious God, yet serious when it comes to the bible being full of lies. Since coming thru Easter 2016, only two days have passed without us in communion. God is who I start and end my days with.

Princess Diana, yes Princess Di. The one whose life was cut far too short (as she explains why). Is now one of my guides. A shy beauty, with messages for her boys.

John F. Kennedy Jr., yes, thee one and only. While the link with his name give thee intro, this link describes what killed him. And now his beautiful wife Carolyn by his side. YAY is all I can say.

Teena Marie, yes ladies and gentleman. The beautiful, ever so talented singer-songwriter. Thee one and only Teena Marie. WOW does not describe how I feel knowing I can not only talk with her, but I also see her (and many others).

Other Guides I have yet to channel for all eyes to see?

more family, ex mother-in-law Helen, former coworkers, high school classmates, in-laws of family members

Tia Belen – my maternal grandmother’s sister. A woman I once asked what her secret to longevity was. Her response? Jesus. She too is with mother.

Nikola Tesla – thee inventor of free energy, and one who waited this long to talk. Happy to see Tesla motors on the road. What a CRAZY GOOD honor to be able to get his opinion on things and begin to discuss ways to make what has yet to be invented.

Berry Gordy Jr – Mr. Motown, record producer and song writer. Never a dull moment with musicians in the house.

Jack LaLanne – the pioneer of fitness! And one who has since prescribed me one HUNDRED jumping jacks. They came in real handy why channeling the 342-page book on behalf of the Universal Holy World.

Biggy Small – a rapper whose work I was not familiar with, but ditto on him hearing his name that he became part of my “team“. And happy to have him!

Lucille Ball – yes, I Love Lucy, with Ricky by her side. Incredible does not describe the afterlife and all who long to talk.

Paul Walker – for all you Fast & Furious fans. A man wise to begin taking notes on my behalf, for reasons the book describes.

Sirians – from the planet Sirius. And as a 1st Wave Indigo, fellow constellation family!!

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown – it was in watching a movie with Whitney Houston that they both hopped on the fun bus. Yes, she gives concerts in Heaven.

Johnny Cash and June Carter – LOVE their story, their music and them.With June becoming somewhat of a mother figure on certain topics.

Freddy Fender – my mother was IN HEAVEN with one of her FAVS.

Henry Ford – thee one and only. One who has touched the lives of every person on planet earth, for inventing the very first automobile.

Napoleon Hill – Mr. Think & Grow Rich bestselling author. And one who channeled many during his Mastermind groups.

Carl Jung – come to find out, he’s been studying this ten point THIXTH pound brain of mine  5 years now.  Psychiatrist of past, present and future.

Mark Twain – a fellow hat lover, author and one of many humorists up there.

with so many more. Where DO I begin?!

I’m anxious and excited to write books with God and others. And songs with the many musicians.

In time, I may post the names of others. For now, there are no boundaries on who connects. Also know, most do not go straight to the bright side. Not till a get-out-of HELL pass is given are they allowed to speak.