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~~sent from above~~

**with a few of my own

What started out as only quotes, has now turned into posts and the writing of The Covenant of The Ark. A long lost book, with what the Bible should have included. Available Easter 2017.

New Earth

“Time will tell when all others hop onboard the magical mystery ride, or choose to ride the tide.” ~God~

“When was the last time you took inventory of your story? If you don’t like the chapter you’re on, rip the DAMN page out. Are you ready to shout or run about?...Read More »


“When life gets you down, don’t wear a frown. When life gets rough, consider yourself tough. When life is on the mend, consider yourself on the bend. When happy is all you see, consider it a gift from me.” ~God your father in Heaven~

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Letting Go

“There’s magic in numbers, strength in forgiveness and power in letting go.” ~God & UTOT (Master of the Milky Way)~

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Earth Time

In asking for a quick post, God gave me this.

“When Earth meets its Maker, love will prevail. When sky meets sun, your day has just begun. And when God meets you, run. When moon rises at night, your only intention is turn on the light. When skies are grey, what’s...Read More »

The Circus Act of The Century

What we have here is a nation fixated on a comedy act gone mad. To put so much emphasis on it, even crazier. 

The president that takes over will find themselves swimming upstream in a world gone bad. The new world is upon us. Go with the flow or die. There’s...Read More »

The Heavens

“There comes a time when what you believe is no longer of this world.” ~Puya, 1 of gazillions of Extraterrestrial expert guides~ 

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Love Like A Child

“Remembering a time when you were young conjures up love, fun and forgiveness. 

What changed? Your heart, your soul, your outlook on life? No my darlings. You! It’s in your eyes and all in your head. Nothing more, nothing less.

For a fraction of a minute, you think you can conquer the...Read More »

Love Like You Mean It

“Love one another like you do yourself. Only then will you realize the capacity your heart has to love. For it is in going within that you can touch the heart of others. Once you can establish that connection, the world is your oyster. 

In writing the book on love, one...Read More »

Master Thee Art of You

“Remembering a time when all seemed good, cannot bring the changes you need. Knowing where you’re going can save you from yourself. God tells you where to go, what to do and when to stop. If you don’t hear, God will make it clear.

It is in the midst of a...Read More »

To He Who Despair

I just LOVE my mom!! Her body may have died 12 years ago (last month), but her mind and spirit live on.

With being in a bit of a FUNK these last couple weeks following much, my postings have taken a backseat. A time out was needed.

Thankfully, experience has shown me,...Read More »

Sleep Sound

This morning’s conversation started with, “we don’t like to see you in pain.” That, after I asked how all my Guides, and now God are doing. 

Blessed is an understatement. I have begun great conversation with God. What is so unbelievable is… It feels so darn natural! And, beyond easy to...Read More »

Forgive and Forget

“Forgiveness does to your heart what food does to your body. It can make or break you. It saves you from despair. 

It shields you from righteousness. It keeps the doors locked to your destiny. It can save you from yourself. It can spare you of heartache. It can lead a...Read More »

Life Will Let You Down

Yes it will. But, your response doesn’t have to let it last. 

Be stopped in your tracks, or see it for what it is. Your journey. 

My days begin in conversation with 1 or more of my 86 Guides. It’s a real treat when we can get a message written before thee...Read More »

Set Sail

“Make time for the ones you love. They are not a dime a dozen. They enter your life for a reason. They do not come to cause harm. They will create havoc until winds blow where they must. 

When winds change course, you must set sails in direction that best suits...Read More »

Ascension Into Love

Nothing like waking up to the sound of birds. Only thing missing was my most favorite smell, in all-l-l-l-l the world! Wet dirt. 

No garden in the Walmart parking lot. (No drive time left on these 18-wheels). And, not my first time sleeping here. But it sure beats the Tyson chicken...Read More »

Spring Is In The Air

“Spring is a time for cleaning out what doesn’t serve you and start anew. A time to take charge of your life. A time to decide what your purpose will be. A time to make necessary changes. A time for you and you alone. 

A time for getting in touch with...Read More »

For Better or Worse

“When life gets rough, out of nowhere can come the blessings. When you least expect it, life can turn for, or against you.  

Rest in peace knowing God is on your side.” ~mom with wings and my buddy Tombo~

**as they began fading…

Them: we are going to eat.

Me: ahh, what’s for...Read More »

Spring Cleaning To Carry On

“You do not take a leap of faith in comfort. You do it, without it. In good times or bad. You take what is needed to manage all that is required to live comfortably.  

You do not hoard more, “just in case.” You let go, in order to receive. You...Read More »

The Medium From Heaven

While some refer to me as psycho, phony, sweet-ass kisser, and even a wannabe spiritualist. My role in thee eyes of many, has 67 names (as of today). However, my 80 Guides see me for who I AM. A Medium From Heaven. **their title

My dear Pleiadian pal Wusa was rather...Read More »

Heaven or Hell?

In wanting to commend someone thee other morning, I ran it past my Guides. 

I was told NOT to post on social media for a certain individual (for reasons I won’t share). I was however, granted permission to share here. What got me closer to Source.

Something I discovered decades ago…

“It is better to...Read More »

Gratitude In An Ungrateful World

I never know what my Guides are gonna say. However, I am grateful for the time that we do get to talk. 

Many times it’s all of them. Like yesterday, they were all so darn cute doing their happy dance (seeing me drive). That’s 75 (as of today) cheerleaders 😆

I miss...Read More »

Love, Not War

“Anger does to a body what poison does to your blood. You get what you give. Or, you give what you get.

Love can dissolve the hardest of hearts. It can turn a sinking ship around, and calm the roughest waters.

Anger management can be had by cleaning your liver. It goes...Read More »


My guides never cease to amaze, and watch over me. 

They see and hear everything, everywhere. And because of that, they surprised me with this. In the wake of yesterday’s conversation with Mother Teresa.

“Integrity is a double edged sword. It can set its owner free. It can also hold one captive....Read More »

Giving Thanks

I am in awe. And this new Guide of mine said more than once, “I feel you.”

I’ve been at such peace thru diet and detox many times. However, one 10-day fast had someone asking if I were Hare Krishna. That alone was proof that peace and love exist inside ourselves.

BECAUSE,...Read More »

Love or Die

A glimpse of heaven and hell…

“When you enter the kingdom of heaven without love, you are sent to thee end of the line. A line without end.

Then goes the judgement. Some of which includes, getting put in Hell for seven months. If you learn to love, you will be granted...Read More »

Give Like Nobody's Watching 

“Some people give their best only when they are getting paid. Others are inclined to give when their heart tells them to. 

You don’t enter the kingdom of heaven with a paycheck. You enter it with a heart of gold. May you be blessed to know the difference.”

~mom with wings and...Read More »

Golden Rule Rules

I AM so happy to be spending 3 nights in a real bed. I could cry. With it, a bodyguard watching out for me. Can you say FREEdom? 

In walking past console here in hotel room, I do a double take. What’s there? 2 shiny dimes. This after being ever so...Read More »

Respect Your Body

“Health is your greatest wealth. Treat your body with respect, and give it the same attention as your face. In doing so, you will have found thee ultimate in health and beauty.” ~Yuta, 1 of 27 Pleiadian pals~

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Love In The Midst of A Storm

Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and/or any other day marked on your calendar is not, good enough reason to show the women in your life, L❤️VE. Or anyone for that matter. 

My guides are all about love. And I for one, a HAPPY CAMPER to have so many. Of, what Dr. Gonzalez refers...Read More »

Love Conquers All

“Remember where you are in your journey. And don’t ever lose track of the outcome of your desire. 

It helps to love whatever arises.” ~Wusa, 1 of 6 Pleiadian pals~

**last sentence in reference to Matt Kahn’s new book, Whatever Arises, Love That. 

Half way thru his book and loving it! Between that...Read More »


One this eve of Valentine’s Day, my great grandmother (and 7th guide) gives this message on true love…

“Love does not include cutting a person to pieces. Love is about building each other up. It is not selfish. It does not intend to harm. It cares for thee other soul like...Read More »

Shop Till You Drop

“Make time to enjoy all that life has given you. For tomorrow is not guaranteed. You live life according to the choices you make. Not the things you buy. 

You are happy from your spirit not your wallet. Make peace with that and watch what happens. 

Take your eyes off your soul...Read More »

Fairytale Begins

This journey that began at a turtle’s pace has gained momentum like I could never imagine. 2 of my 20 wonderful guides explain…

“There comes a time when all good deeds get their reward. Saint Carmen’s time has come (as I say WOW).

Today she completes her twelfth DNA crystal strand. And...Read More »

Survive or Thrive

“You are either a glutton of punishment or the best you can be. Thee in between just turns time into a lifetime. Dreams into dust. And hope into havoc. 

Your life is precious. Treat it as such.” ~mom with wings, Kate Woodville-my friend without end, and Teso, my Pleiadian pal~

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Hate Followers

In learning thee other day that I’ve been writing thru my guides for 3 years now, I’ve gotten clarity on a few things. 

I began…

1. using thru versus through 

2. Thee over the, when it comes before a word that starts with a vowel. To me, “the” before most of those words...Read More »

Your Future Awaits You

“With love comes mastery. With hate comes misery. With envy comes bitching. And with jealousy comes downright disgust for oneself. Get up off your asses and make a life for yourself. No one is to blame for your misery. Either live life like you mean it, or get out of...Read More »


“Ridicule only ridicules the riddler.” ~Yuta, 1 of 4 Pleiadian guides~

...Read More »


After my 13th guide introduced himself this morning, all 13 gave today’s message. As it unfolded, my intention was to post strictly to website. Nope. 

As if I were not transparent enough 😔

“Everybody deserves to be happy. Only those that treat the world with respect inherit the riches. 

Saint Carmen, thee Urban...Read More »

“My life is beginning to feel like a Hallmark movie. On steroids.” ~Saint Carmen, thee a Urban Ascended Master~

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“Many people make excuses for not being nice, when all they’re doing is putting walls between themselves and God. 

They underestimate God and his willpower to control a person’s life. When a person thinks they have the power to turn their life into what they desire, they’ve missed the point of...Read More »

Hate and Envy

“People will always think about what they hate about a person before they think about what they love. When in reality, love should be thee only thing that comes to mind. Not hate, envy, lust or greed. 

Only those that are pure at heart can enter the kingdom of heaven. Another...Read More »

“A celebration is no longer needed. My life has become one.” ~Saint Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master~

**a name they’ve asked me to use

...Read More »


“Have faith in another as far as you can throw them. Stay away from those that tell lies. And don’t fall prey to another’s promises. Go by your gut instead. You’ll be happier in thee end.” ~Puya~

...Read More »


“People enter your life for a reason. They either make it better or worse. People will be people. Only those with hearts of gold make Ascended Masters.” ~mom with wings~

...Read More »

You Reap What You Sow

“People will get what the give. Money cannot buy status. Only time spent with yourself can create the life you want. You go for the gold from your tests in life. Not from your hate and envy. 

Have faith in all you do. You will get more than status. You will be...Read More »

Dry Itchy Skin

When life rubs you the wrong way, make a body scrub. Because no amount of pissing and moaning will serve your highest good. Only love can conquer all. 

Go about your business like you are the captain of your own ship. Or let the sails take you down rough waters and...Read More »


“Prideful people have hate the size of Mt. Olympus. They walk like they make the world a better place, when in reality, they look like a baboon with a stick up their ass.” ~Puya & Teso the Pleiades, 2 of 12 guides~

...Read More »

Peace, Love and Faith

“Go within to get what you’re looking for, and then you will see what you’ve been missing. Have faith in all you do and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. 

Make time to smell the roses, not just the coffee. Only then will you acknowledge that which...Read More »

Nobody will fill your cup.

“Nobody will fill your cup. That job belongs to you and you alone. Think like an evon not a peon.

You will create more ruckus into your life if you continue to want more. Go without and let life take you by surprise. That’s what Carmen did and look what it...Read More »

People will come and go.

“People will come and go. Only those with integrity will remain. What you put out, you get back.

Watch the friends you select. You will take on energy of many. You want it to be good, or take time out from making more.

No amount of money can buy friends. Only true...Read More »

Only thing better

“Only thing better than meditating is levitating.” ~Carmen~
“People will come and go. Only those with integrity will remain. What you put out, you get back.
Watch the friends you select. You will take on energy of many. You want it to be good, or take time out from making more.
No amount...Read More »

Keep your eye on the spiritual.

“Keep your eye on the spiritual. Love like there’s no tomorrow because it is not guaranteed. Love everyone regardless of their skin color, age, status or looks.
Go for the goal, because merely playing to everyone’s eyeballs will continue to blind your own.
You are precious beyond any magazine photo....Read More »

Today have faith in all you do,

Today have faith in all you do, for tomorrow is not guaranteed. You realize today was a gift once it’s gone. You don’t just go thru life with your tail between your legs, you soar thru it like an eagle taking flight.
You can take life by the horns...Read More »

Forgiveness is a form of gratitude


“Forgiveness is a form of gratitude with Iove as its guide. Say sorry to those you’ve withheld love.” ~mom with wings, my green-eyed angel from heaven~

...Read More »

There will be understanding

“There will be understanding when you take what you have and you mix it with love and gratitude. You will stop buying when you buy only what you need. When that happens, you are on your way to realization.
Remember to not allow your flesh to take control of your expenses....Read More »

There are times

“There are times when a person tries too hard. And there are times of letting go. You get more when you are not attached than when you hang on. Let go and allow the wonder to take you by surprise.
You will only suffer by holding on. You will be rewarded...Read More »

There comes a time

“There comes a time when nothing matters. When that happens, you’ll know you’ve reached enlightenment.”~Kate Angel, my friend/guide~

...Read More »

Don't take your eyes off the prize


“Don’t take your eyes off the prize. You are making leaps of mistakes. You don’t go thru life being perfect–you fail forward with grace. Only then do you appreciate what life has to offer.

Don’t get stuck on autopilot in a zone that your comfort level grows. You’ll regret.

Start today and Read More »

People will come and go

 mom w/ wings

“People will come and go, you let them. Family will come and go and you hold on. You must let go also. You will stunt their growth when you hang on. You stop yours too.
Only when you let go, you get what the Universe has in store for...Read More »

People who hate

“People who hate for no reason are a dime a dozen. They hate you because they wanna be like you. Let them wallow in their shit while you shine a light on their darkness.

You’re worth your weight in gold. Only your gold is a rare commodity. A force to be...Read More »

Thee only way you please someone

“Thee only way you please someone you love is to please yourself first. The time it takes to please yourself is not gained thru people pleasing. It comes from making yourself rich in spirit.
Save the bullshit for the bullpen. You don’t grow in a body filled with shit. You grow...Read More »

To teach money to children


“To teach money to children is nothing compared to love, respect and honesty. One does not grow thru stuff, they grow without it. You are what you teach–make it real.” ~mom with wings~

**from my mother in heaven. That’s the name she chose 
...Read More »

You don't go thru life

“You don’t go thru life wanting to make someone happy. You help others by example. You do that by loving yourself. Only then can true love abound.
You are the creator of good or bad. You don’t sign up to be somebody’s project.” ~my fabulously famous guide~
...Read More »

You cannot wait

“You cannot wait for perfect timing. Every day is worthy of trying.” ~Teso, 1 of 10 guides~

...Read More »

Money can buy much:

“Money can buy much: good times, material things and friends. But it can’t buy love. Only false love.
Money might make the world go round.
But, at what expense? Money does nothing for your soul. It only leads you to believe you are rich in spirit and in mind. Go within for true...Read More »

Do what your heart wants

“Do what your heart wants and see what happens.”
Christmas Day 2015
Best Christmas gift EVER! I asked for a quote and they began giving. After years of searching, I now get them channeled in.
“You will not arrive at consciousness without letting go of your ego.”
...Read More »


~sent from above~