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If we are not in constant evolve mode, we will not make it in the upcoming massive spiritual shift on Earth. Since evolutionizing has been me for as long as I can remember, my “About” needs another update. Only this one is shorter and more to the point. And while some have called me crazy, truth is, I AM connected. Onwards to me in a nutshell…

WHO: Me, myself and I. Carmen Diana Cisneros

WHAT: I AM a child of God and The Universal Holy World. We all are actually. Chosen at a young age to help bring in the real Revelation, not according to the Bible.

WHEN: Don’t know exactly when it happened, but DO remember a very vivid dream I had about the beginning of Creation. Not quite at a double digit age. I also had a Medicine Woman tell me a new spirit entered my body when I was a child. My Higher Ups agree, calling it my first near death experience. Second one happened June 11, 2015.

I CANNOT forget to mention another pivotal point I had in August 2015. Saw a man that was sent via a dream to see who I was. No words spoken, he simply looked at me as if to think… “yes, she fits the bill.” Then to find him online a few days later. Matt Kahn, a man I now refer to as Brother Matt, and whom I hope to meet one day. More to this story, so all I will say is, spirit world is a happening place.  And when the student is ready the teacher appears.

WHERE: Born and raised in Simi Valley, CA. Back when it had no freeway or hospital. With mother calling me her $10 baby, since I was born in the doctor’s office. Fast forward to today, and I am happy to be back in another small town, on this bright side of the San Andreas fault. And finally begin to feel at home. A first. Not even when I bought my house did I have a sense of belonging to my surroundings. A common denominator amongst we Star Children. With me being a first wave Indigo. And my journey of not feeling at home being partly why I chose to go without a home for over three years. Some of which included, too many hotels, truck stop showers, living in my vehicle, and on a mountain alone for six months. Talk about unplugging, and what doesn’t kill us making us stronger.

WHY: Good question, but do remember having one sister always telling me I was adopted. Again, during my single digit years. I was also given scrolls and blueprints to read in my sleep as a child. Last two decades have included many visions. Flashes and color when I close my eyes before falling asleep. Not knowing all was in preparation for the massive Ascension and Shamanic purge, followed by an anointing and appointing of me as an Ascended Master. And the name, St. Carmen, complete with many spiritual gifts, including tele-transporting, levitating, telepathy and more. Some of which only a handful on Earth have or had. Sadly, gifts that are all our birth right. You can thank church and state for trying to keep our magic from us.

HOW: An even better question. One that can make or break any journey you are on. For starters, lots of homework. Integrity. You know, keeping your word by saying what you mean and meaning what you say, Golden Rule kind of thing. Transparency, and SELF RESPECT. With this last one being the best way of all to have every thing else fall in to place. And be on their radar.

For me, the self respect has included being a vegetarian since the 60’s. Then for the past 3+ decades, always doing inventory of my diet. Which led me to practicing many types of detox on myself, and getting a Bachelors in Holistic Nutrition, and a certificate in Life Coaching. With life experience being best of all, I went on to become a Detox Mentor. Which includes, helping others help themselves overcome dis-ease. Tho, I must give credit where credit is due. Conventional medicine.

I learned real quick what NOT to do, by having a front row seat. TWICE. Seeing my father die from stomach cancer when I was nine, then my mom in 2004 from colon cancer. Those spoke volumes. I knew to stay ahead of that game, and not pass the baton on my healthcare. Not to mention, seeing my sixteen year old brother beat his cancer with the use of cannabis (over thirty years ago), was proof. The FARMacy was the way to go. Sure our genes can make or break us, AS A CHILD. As an adult, it is epigenetic. The hand that feeds us, diet and lifestyle. There is a time for a celebrational “treat” while every day is a special occasion. Problem is, most see it the other way around. It is in nourishing our body that our heart, mind and spirit will respond.

Speaking of which, gonna check in with the spirit world for the closing.

“Hi Di, thank you for the invite. We come as whole to wrap this up for you by telling the readers, the truth awaits you.” ~Universal Holy World~

Just like that, POOF, they have faded out.

May the Source be with all to answer the call that your spirit is dying to tell you. In the meantime… never let the darkness of another steal the thunder and lightening of your spirit. Only thing holding you back is you. With gratitude being key, in time you will appreciate the good, bad and ugly of it all. I sure do!


St. Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master